How would you react when someone shows up at an event wearing the same outfit as yours?

I attended a wedding on Saturday.

Okay, so at the wedding,  everything went well except there was another guest who turned up wearing a replica of my dress!

Same design. Same colour. Different body types. She was the cocacola. I was the…hmmm…hmmm…let’s just say I didn’t know the dress was that fine until I saw her. 😭


The thing is, prior to the wedding, when my friend who I went with asked why I did not buy asoebi, I bragged about how pretty my dress was. She wanted to see it but I told her to be patient until the D-day because I secretly wanted to add the surprise effect to my slay.

Had I known.

My friend is also friends with the photocopy and she would have notified me to come up with a plan B if she saw my dress. 

My photo-copy had arrived an hour earlier and received all the compliments. 

I, who arrived much later became the photocopy of my photocopy with our mutual friends (it was my ex colleague’s wedding) saying, “You have a twinne here oh” 

I didn’t understand what they meant until they took me face to face with the photocopy who was on the adjacent table.

Remaining small for me to smash eva wine bottle on her head. That I am an advocate of women supporting women does not mean you should turn up to an event wearing my cloth. πŸ˜•

“You people should take twinne photos jorrr.” I heard another sadist say as she pulled out her phone camera.

Photocopy started asking me interview questions, 

“I almost wore red shoes like you.”

Have I not suffered enough? Madam!

“Where did you buys your dress?” She asked.

“XXX” I said.

“How much?”

‘X Billion” I said.

Photocopy pointed out they sold hers 1 billion naira more expensive.

Good for you photocopy. I said in my thoughts.

Then came the worst question of all.

“Did you shape yours?”


Photocopy, knowing she had won in the figure aspect got up and began cat-walking round. She got up at every opportunity she had, making it more obvious that we were wearing the same dress. 

“This one you are walking about…Maybe we should assist the waiters in sharing food so people will think our dress is a special ushering uniform” I said to photocopy.

She laughed.

If only she knows I wasn’t joking.

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