Dirty grandpa

BY Anon


Yesterday, I was propositioned by a 65 year old man. A paragon of the body of Christ. A Knight of Saint Mulumba.
All I can ask myself is , how could I be so dumb?
I met this man recently when I was referred to his office to sort out some issues regarding a programme i’m currently running.
He was nice and extremely helpful. All the while he never acted in any weird manner, was even advising me and all.
He told me about his family and grandchildren.
Told me that his door is open and I could check in anytime.
So, yesterday I bumped into him at his office building after about three weeks and complained that I was scarce.
He then offered to take me to lunch.
So I went with the harmless old grandpa or so I thought.
He took me to a ‘guest house’ , said they had a superb restaurant. Truly they did.
Luckily sha, he let me eat my food in peace.
Then he began .
About how the lunch is to welcome me. About how he saw something unique in me the first time i walked into his office.
He even thanked GOD! The nerve.
Then he said we are friends but the he hopes that we would be more intimate. By then i’m like huh??
He continued.
That the guest house has really nice rooms but ‘unfortunately’ they don’t have provisions for ‘short-time’. When I offered no response, he asked if I know the meaning of ‘short-time’? I shook my head, no sir.
He said its when a hotel lets out a room to people who want to have a private moment for some hours. I said ok, but that the place only offered full time lodging. I said eeyaa.
Then I told him I had a meeting and really needed to leave.
He said ok,but that we should make out time to have some private moments.
Right now, i’m just wondering how I did’nt observe the hand writing on the wall.
I don’t know whether he is sha looking for who to send him to his grave.
But honestly, I least expected this from him.
Must it always boil down to THAT??



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