A day at Lekki Conservation Centre

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I visited the famous Lekki Conservation Centre recently after a year of procrastinating.

Lekki Conservation Centre is located after Chevron Estate Gate, just before the 6th roundabout. I went there on a weekday because I didn’t want to deal with crowd  who might collapse the canopy walkway but trust Nigerians during holidays, there were so many people. A large percentage of them were IJGBs.

Payment to enter the facility is N1,000, and another N1,000 to use the walkway. You’d be given two bands at the reception area which should be worn until you leave the facility. or the guards might assume you are an intruder and fling you from the  canopy walkway into the thick forest.


We waited at the reception with other tourists until the tour guide told us it was our turn to go.

The beginning of the trail boardwalk.


This pathway was a ten- fifteen minutes walk. The ambience was great and the sound of birds chipping was delighting to hear for a nature lover like me.



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I didn’t see any animals here except for monkeys which was a bit disappointing. Not like I wanted to see snakes or rats but I was looking forward to antelopes.

The first stage of the canopy walkway.


People behind me were already scared but me, I couldn’t wait. The guides at the start of the walkway advised that we hold the metal rails at all times.



There were rest points at the end of each walkway. The walkway was higher as we walked further. Some people wanted to return out of fear. I didn’t hold the rail during the final walkway as we descended because – BOSS of heights.

We arrived at another point of the boardwalk after descending the walkway. It was a very exciting experience. I asked the tour guide if I was allowed to go on it again but he said I’d have to pay another N1000

I decided to explore the park which was free.

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A treehouse along the pathway. I was not allowed to climb because it was under maintenance.



A Fish pond


A shade for relaxation. They sold suya here


Another pond. One of em IJGB’s was like, ‘OMI Gad. Its so cute.’ What is cute here biko?

I spent about two hours at the complex before heading home and I wouldn’t mind going there again.



  •  Have fun as you climb. The canopy walkway WON’T COLLAPSE.
  • There are no ATMs so carry enough cash.
  • You can go there alone. Yes! You’d always find another person or a group to walk the walkway with and tourist activities makes team bonding easy.

-You can go with danfo since it is off the expressway. lol
– Food and snacks are allowed into the park. You’d need water after climbing the walkway and I didn’t see a place to buy. My biggest regrets was not going with snacks or food.


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