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I think I fell in love

I was seated at the backseat of a keke napep in transit from Alagomeji Road when the driver applied brake at Sabo Yaba in front of one guy. I peeped out to see what was happening, he peeped in and we locked eyes.My God he was beautiful.

Please don’t ask me how was your night

Usually doctors in the hospital carry out what they call ward rounds where they go from sick bed to bed to check their patients. A common question to their patient is ‘How was your night?’ And then the patient can go on to say he felt pains

Update on my house

I inquired the cost of my outrageous house bills from a reader who lives on my street. She told me as at last year, LAWMA charges N1500 for their compound and estate security was N3k monthly.I took my findings to my male neighbor and asked if he

“After all I have done for you”

My brother helping me fix the rest of my light bulbs I purchased in advance since last year. I’m lying on the bed staring at the house and the only thing on my mind is, “After all I have done for you.”Just like small boys tell their

I have been asked to leave The Batya

I was sitting peacefully in my house when my landlord’s child brought a shit of paper of paper containing a cost breakdown of ‘service charges’ for this year to bepaid quarterly. These charges include estate security, dustbin and compound cleaning at N22k monthly which totaled at 264k

Payback is a B

My brother was supposed to visit me from Ibadan today. I told him to help me buy beef for stew and come before afternoon so I can cook on time. I’ll refund him.12pm he was yet to leave. I was unhappy but I took it in good

The Wedding Party 2 Review

One or two spoilers ahead.  I finally saw The Wedding Party 2 my friends and enemies warned me about. First, I had to endure 27 minutes of movie trailers/ads. The movie finally begins with the accidental marriage proposal of Nonso Onwuka played by Enyinna Nwigwe to Deidre

I saw the agent who scammed me

Yesterday night at the cinema I saw one of the so called house agent who chopped 10k of my money last year under the guise of registration fees when I was house hunting. He stopped picking my calls after the day I ‘registered.’He didn’t even recognize his

NEPA, why

These past three days I have been so focused on my daily goals and I pray this energy never seizes in Jesus name.I also pray my energy is being channeled into stuff that are rewarding in the nearest future.  Today has been disappointing though. Power was disconnected

Happy New Year- Changes

It pained me that I could not go for crossover night. The distance from my place to the church is far and I was worried about my safety at that time of the night.On my street there were parties everywhere and even though I was tempted to