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Like a bird without wings

Today was officially my most boring day since the start of this year. I had power, internet, and food but the sort of loneliness I felt is comparable to a baby abandoned in the middle of a desert. I’m having a very strong urge to relocate and

Cohabitation with the opposite sex

I woke up very late today. I had woken up to take a shower by 3am and I couldn’t get myself to sleep until 5:30am. It was then I started dreaming. In this dream, I found myself in a wedding reception. It was time to share food

Cakes and junk

I noticed I now have a pot belly. Its round and pointed like I swallowed a coconut. It’s probably a result of biscuit-bread-coke I substituted proper food for in the past one week. I haven’t had appetite to eat because it feels like the only food in

The faithfulness of the Lord never ceases 

My friend who got me this domain came into town this weekend and I asked that he join prayers with me concerning an issue disturbing my peace. I didn’t have the willpower to leave my bed until he called this morning to say he’ll like to come

Respect to full time writers

Thanks to everyone who suggested TV series the other day. I downloaded all available episodes of Designated Survivor based on votes and my intentions were to watch an episode weekly but I was hooked after the first episode and I ended up binge watching everything. Once I

Welcome to Lagos

A house agent called me this afternoon to ask if i was interested in renting an ensuite room at a duplex in Lekki Phase One at N620k per annum. There’s no kitchen but I’ll have access to a swimming pool and basketball court. I was like, “Shebi

These daily victories…

I just got out of the bathroom after spending close to an hour and a half. I spent less than fifteen minutes showering, and the remaining time trying to do number two. I’m out, miserable as ever and suffering from constipation. This is day three. I. Am.

My first makeover 

It took almost two hours to have my first makeover done. Maybe the MUA was making up for all my lost years. She had promised thirty minutes and I kept hurrying her when she started, telling her I don’t spend up to fifteen minutes on mine but

“Over fine dey worry me”

There were so many events to attend this past weekend in Lagos. I thought I was going to go for one or two but I ended up indoors because I had work to do. I couldn’t even make it to Church yesterday. I wanted to, but I

Lagos is my success story

If you think Lagos traffic is bad, try carrying a bunch of melting bananas in a public transportation in an afternoon traffic, and having a goat as a passenger gawking at your bananas a row behind you. Wait! Why am I always unfortunate to enter vehicles with