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Let go and let God

Speaking of God’s timing, I get these messages as early as 6am everyday but the one of today didn’t come until 35 minutes ago because 40 minutes earlier, I got news that made me question my faith.  Am I as smart as I thought? Would I ever

ITK Sellers

I find it annoying when I walk into a store to purchase an item and the seller offers me alternatives that are far from substitutes with the excuse of my item not being available. The old lady who sold in my university hostel was particularly fond of

I didn’t have a val date but…

This is my current mood   I had one of the best Valentine period of my life. I ate cake during the weekend and won at a competition I participated in when I least expected it.  I held flowers too for the first time. I also found

Valentine day drama

  So my friend calls and ask what I am doing today. She said she is equally ‘valess’ and I can come around. It worries me because her relationship of two years is one I admire. I arrive at my friend’s house and she’s not her usual

Love is in the air

I was headed from the tailor’s place yesterday when I walked past two secondary school students returning from school, a boy and a girl. The boy held the girl’s hand and she said, “Leave me jor when you didn’t buy me anything for Valentine,” Then she started

NaijaSinglegirl Valentine’s Date: Update

A total of sixty four guys applied. I sent an acknowledgement mail to some of them. Three of them told me to disregard, they just wanted to see if its for real. A response I found silly. I specifically stated “Please do not apply to satisfy your

What is in the name ‘Naija Single Girl’

So I just finished listening to a sermon a few minutes ago. One of those Valentine theme sermons centered on single people waiting for Mr Right. The preacher said it is wrong for any spinster to address herself as ‘single’, it is against God’s purpose as every

Just another day in Lagos

I’m seated at the extreme of the bus and there’s a he-goat giving me side eyes beside me. The old woman who owns the goat is seated on the other side. The conductor told her to put the goat in the boot but she refused because it is

I am sick of sexual harrassment

So I got out of a vehicle and was heading towards the street that leads to my estate when I saw three guys approaching. As I walked past, one stretched out his hands to touch me and his filthy palms brushed my breasts. Brushed is a subtle