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14 things about me that makes me feel dumb

1 I never knew countries like the US and UK are malaria free. It was until my UK based friend complained of headache and I stupidly insisted he treats malaria. 2 I still don’t know how to use cutlery properly. This is why I don’t order chicken


Finally I took a photo here. Yay! I’m in Renaissance Hotel in Ikeja GRA this weekend.  Renaissance Hotel is somewhere I have been looking forward to exploring since my first visit a few weeks back. I was given a short tour and I was amazed at how


I am pretty sure my enemies will read the headline and laugh. Lol.  My God is bigger than all of them.  Anyways, I have been out since 11am. Got home not too long ago and I went in search of money.  First lesson: Don’t wear white if

Dreams, dreams, dreams….

I don’t understand the sort of dreams I had last night. I had three in one night. First one I was working for a big multinational and my company use to convey me in a private plane to and from work. I think this dream was a

This celeb life is not for me

I met three readers in Abuja. Seyi, Taiwo and Jasini. Seyi Seyi fréquents Lagos on a regular basis and we have been planning to meet since he got my book last year.   He had offered to take me anywhere I wanted when I announced my trip on

Will you marry this kind of man?

My friend told me about a guy she met in her new workplace. He asked of her name after working hours and when she told him, he said she bears the name of the lady who he buys Calabar soups from.That was his pickup line oh.  Both

#ThrowbackThursday: In memory of Zanzibar 

By this time last month I was Zanzibaring away abroad. I found these notes in my jean pocket this week and it was a confirmation the Lord is not done with me and #Zanzibar, and every other country that accepts dollars which is literally everywhere on earth.

Booty call?

There is this guy I have been chatting with for six years. The friendship started on Twitter, moved to IG DM’s and we are currently on Whatsapp. Our conversations were on the most random stuff but he never made any invitation to hang out with me. I

Your MCM

There’s this pretty girl on my brother’s dp. She is dressed like the typical slay queen on IG and her birthday is today. My brother has been uploading photos of her on his Whatsapp stories with captions such as, ‘It’s a very special person birthday today’ ‘Happy


I haven’t received any submissions on our topic on careers. If you have anything you’d like to share for publication on any other issue, my email remains naijasinglegirl @ gmail . com I’m afraid you may have to excuse any personal write-ups from me for sometime. I