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Are White Men this boring?

I want to believe white men are not extremely boring people to chat with! Gosh! This Canadian guy had found a travel post I made on an international forum I belong and he PMed me to find out more since he was planning a trip there.  I responded

“Anywhere with light is better than Nigeria”

Yesterday I met a foreigner who relocated permanently to Nigeria from a west African country last August. We chatted well and I asked if he prefers Lagos. He said unfortunately no, before he came down his friend who had urged him to come to Lagos for better

The valley and shadow of Oyingbo Market

This week has been interesting.I’m still exhausted from my trip to Oyingbo Market yesterday. I walked through the shallow and valley of that market yesterday looking for cheap foodstuff after some of my IG followers told me I could buy yam for as low as N100. Na

See me, See Ghost

Two weeks ago I met a guy. I was going out one morning when I sat beside him on the back seat of a Keke I flagged. There was another passenger at the other extreme. Our keke moved a short distance when he slide his phone to

I am tired of Nigeria

Make God help the families of those who lost loved ones in #Offa — Sextalksng (@ChyChyPepper) April 6, 2018 (Press the play button to watch video above) I had an early night yesterday (7:30PM) after reading the news of the tragedy in Offa area of Kwara State.

My American Boo

I met an American man on Twitter over the weekend and we connected well.  How did we meet? This man had put out a tweet saying he wants a black female friend so bad. I indicated interest knowing green or blue card may end up as the

Using fitness apps to track a cheating partner 

I started using my first fitness app today – Apple health tracker that keeps records of steps. I am already paranoid on behalf of everyone in a relationship. I can’t help but wonder if there are relationships in Nigeria where fitness apps are used to check the

These Yaba boys…

I went to Yaba market to buy food items this evening. I was also looking at getting my kitchen knife sharpened so I wrapped the metal area with paper and placed it inside a polythene bag.On getting to the market I remembered how much of a nuisance

Pim pim pim

I was walking along a quiet street this afternoon when I passed by a parked BMW. I can’t remember if the car had earlier drove past me or if it had been there for a while but I peeped in and there was this goodlooking guy in