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I am now an IJGB

So I have been lying on the bed with my suitcase emptied beside me since yesterday. The bed is messy, I have laundry to do, I have to make my hair, I have to unpack properly, I have work to do but I cannot get up because

Ethiopia to Lagos

My Nigeria bound trip was different. I sat at the boarding terminal with the heaviest of hearts as two girls walked up to me and said, “You be Nigeria?” Nigeria ko? I nodded.  One said, “I talk am! She dey go Lagos! Abeg make me sit with

Zanzibar to Ethiopia 

When I arrived my first hotel with 400,000tsh, I thought I was going to have lots of local currency left to distribute to locals in my neighborhood when I was about leaving Tanzania. I had a paltry 4,500tsh left on the morning of my flight. I also

One day left

If you want to keep up with NSGTAkesZanzibar, follow me on Instagram Stories. I mentioned that several times before I left and it turns out I have less than a day to go. I woke up this morning with post vacation blues and I am not going

NSGTakesZanzibar: Night life

The first night I arrived my hotel the barman told me Friday nights are ladies night at the club and it would be nice if I attend by 11pm.I wanted to, but I was exhausted from my trip &when my alarm woke me by 10:50pm I couldn’t

NSGTakesZanzibar: Rice and stew

Went to a restaurant in search of good-affordable-familiar-food. I wanted fish peppersoup with rice. I described fish peppersoup to the waiter there. They said they had something similar. I was relieved. Lo and behold, this is what I was served.  How am I supposed to combine white

Ethiopian food though…

I’d write about my experience on the plane tomorrow. I arrived Addis Ababa by 8pm East African Time. I’m now in my hotel room. Been chatting with the hotel staff for the past one hour. We are two hours ahead of Nigeria but I still use Nigeria’s

NSGTakesZanzibar: Boarding 

I got to the airport around 11am.  As soon I located the airline counter I joined a queue I saw. I had no idea it was the queue for check-ins and receiving boarding passes until I made it to the front and I was returned to another

29SN is available for order

No way I wasn’t going to let 29, Single & Nigerian pose with my passport and dollars. 29SN is finally available for pre-orders within Lagos from now until June 30th. Logistics for other states is being worked on. We weren’t able to print a lot so we

NSG Takes Zanzibar

This is how I will be stepping into the plane today. Oh God! Finally! Excitement kept me up all night. Please, I’m not sure when I’d have the time to blog but you can keep up with me on my Instagram and Snapchat page. Will be active