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7 Things that makes me happy 

I’m writing this in honour of Happiness International Day which was marked yesterday. Happiness is subjective. Only you can decide what makes you happy. No one else. Have you ever sat down and really thought about the things that make you happy? I just thought of seven things.


Dark circles getting progressively larger every week because I can’t remember the last time I had a normal sleeping pattern. I slept off by 9:30pm and woke up by 11:50pm.  Been trying to get myself to sleep since then. I have changed positions, taken off clothing, listened

When your female friends single shame you

So, NSG, why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?” The question is never, “Are you happy this way?” It’s always, “Why?”, as if to imply something’s wrong with me. This question has been a regular occurrence for as long as I can remember and it mostly comes

I woke up to the perfect breakfast 

    Speaking of a perfect Saturday morning, I started my day with this yummy cake by @cakeswalkintall The cake came in last night and I couldn’t wait for daylight so I could pounce on it. As early as 6:30, I was already by the fridge with

Thank you, thank you

This is an official thank you note to all those who fought for me following the plagiarism issue I mentioned on Sunday. You all made me feel really special and if I have my way, I will take all of you to Sambisa Forest so we could

Maybe I didn’t grow…

So my dad phoned in January and made mention of his half brother who has been living in Lagos for the past eighteen years. He said he had mentioned I had permanently relocated to Lagos and his half brother was disappointed that I never for once called

Enoh Gift Bassey, stop stealing my posts!

    The lady above has been consistently stealing my posts and claiming all the glory for my write-ups on her Facebook page. Look where she even stole my new year resolution and claimed a coconut missed her head. Darling, coconuts do not fall on coconuts. To

Nigerian weddings are going digital

Nigerian weddings have taken things to a new dimension. So my aunt just returned from a Yoruba wedding ceremony. The wedding had the perfect venue, classy IVs, colour of the day, asoebi, small chops, souvenirs and enough food.  Only problem was she got there only to realise

A bread appreciation thread

I ate bread every single day in the university. The one I usually bought was round, soft and hot if you go to the store to purchase by 8pm. I use to go there with a friend of mine who I introduced to bread. I usually buy

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger

A coconut missed my head by few inches on my way home from church this morning. And I thought the strap of my sandals cutting loose in church last Sunday was the worst thing that can happen to anyone in a public place. Here is what happened.