Do not ask me how I am!

An old friend I haven’t spoken to in ages called me last night. He said, “How is work?” I said fine. Then he asked if I am happy where I am working. I didn’t respond. He asked of my routine and I told him. He asked if

Perseverance and my old friends

The other day, I stumbled on an interview of a popular celebrity published in 2006 and I was amazed at the list of businesses he had laid his hands on in the quest to be successful. I am reminded of a colleague of mine in the university.

Our new year chicken the other year

The chicken was a white broiler with the shortest legs I have ever seen. A family friend gifted my family in September and though it was reasonably large, we thought it was clever to save it for Christmas. Luckily, we had a shelf that served as the

My life in 2016

I have never marked that date they call Valentine’s Day with a significant other. The one time I was close to this on my 17th year on earth, I was in an unserious long distance relationship. A relationship I had to remind myself I was in a

Welcome to your 20’s

I was a 14 year old walking on my streets when a man grabbed my hands and said. “I won’t rest until the face graces magazine covers.” Then he went on to tell me how pretty I was. I learnt he was the manager of a big

I saw the married man

I was surprised when I saw his call. I left my desk and went to the rest room to answer it, where I could have my privacy away from my colleagues. Its been eighteen months we last spoke. He asked how I was doing and I told