‘Give me my money’

Early 2015, I had N86,000 in my account and it was all the money I had. I needed N40,000 for something urgent so I went to a Diamond Bank branch so I can withdraw at their ATM without hitches. I slotted in my card and initiated the

I got used to being alone

About four years ago, I received a ludo board as a souvenir from a wedding I attended. That board remained in my cupboard until I moved out of that apartment. I lived alone then and I considered the board game useless since there is no provision for

Live while you are young

I remember a Sunday in 2012 my friend and I decided to be spontaneous. We went to a deserted park in the outskirts of town and went on children swings, we gate crashed aesthetic compounds to take photos as security dogs howled at us, we gate crashed

My Way Maker

One of my favorite themes in the bible is this whole “making a way out of no way” business. A way in the wilderness, rivers from rocks, parting the red sea to dry land, manna from heaven…resurrection of Christ. Surely if He makes a way for something

NSG is recruiting the services of a man

”NaijaSingleGirl’, a reputable lady as the title describes is a single Nigerian girl. Physically, NSG is not your average big booty, big breasted, fleeked eyebrows, contoured nose ‘pepperdem’ female, but she has all that spiritually in addition to having a beautiful heart. NSG has been single for quite

Do not ask me how I am!

An old friend I haven’t spoken to in ages called me last night. He said, “How is work?” I said fine. Then he asked if I am happy where I am working. I didn’t respond. He asked of my routine and I told him. He asked if

Perseverance and my old friends

The other day, I stumbled on an interview of a popular celebrity published in 2006 and I was amazed at the list of businesses he had laid his hands on in the quest to be successful. I am reminded of a colleague of mine in the university.