Snorkeling in Zanzibar 

Snorkeling topped my todo list in Zanzibar. At my first hotel I found a tour guide who offered this service for $25 but I opted for the sunset boat cruise since I wasn’t ready to damage my weaves.  In Stonetown yesterday, a tour guide offered me this

NSGTakesZanzibar: Breakfast 

Last night I ordered a mountain of food at the restaurant. I was billed 50,000tsh which is roughly 25 dollars. It wasn’t until I did my calculations this morning that I realised I need to be careful with money or I might end up sweeping hotel rooms

#NSGTakesZanzibar: Settling down

As soon as I arrived the airport in Zanzibar, I showed my boarding pass, passport and yellow card before I was allowed in. It was time to get visa. I filled a form at the visa counter and submitted it along with $50.My visa was issued in

NSGTakesZanzibar: Business Class

I didn’t have a weird passenger this time. I was the weird passenger. I flew economy the first half of the flight and business class the other half. Let me explain.  Enroute Zanzibar from Addis Ababa, I was given a window seat above the wings of the aircraft

NSGTakesZanzibar: My breakfast today

Breakfast was mostly pastries with tea or coffee. They had different types of bread so I took all of them.  I did a similar thing with the toppings. I didn’t go near the veggies or anything that looks like smoothies.  I ran into an American that came from

NSGTakesZanzibar: My flight experience 

I want to be very wealthy. So the next time I hear the voice on the intercom saying something that sounds like, “…passengers… proceed bla bla bla” I won’t be bounced and told to relax as they were calling for only business class passengers first. That’s how

The Struggles of shopping in Yaba Market

In Yaba Market, sellers are used to hearing buyers request, ‘Do you have black palazzo’, ‘Do you have off shoulder top? Or “Give me crazy stock jeans.” An enquiry like, “Do you have bikini?” is rare so it’s understandable I feel weird the moment I step into

My Awkward Online Date

I really can’t remember all the details because it’s been many years this happened, far back in my 200L. He slid into my DM on Facebook after I posted I was having issues with my phone browser and I needed someone to suggest a quick fix. He

I thought I was pregnant 

Getting pregnant outside wedlock is one of my biggest fears. What makes the thought more frightening is having to bear it alone or the pregnancy happening at a time when I am financially incapable of being a mother. This is my second reason for riding on the