Chronicles Of A Warri Visitor

I have been laughing hysterically today. Warri brought memories of old. When you think you have seen it all in Lagos, Warri screams to your face, “Lagos don baff?” When the agberos in Lagos dare each other but throw blows in the air without actually engaging in

A gift of dreams

Remember Yetunde who sent in  an interesting post on her 30th birthday last year? She is now a published author. Here are excerpts from her book.   Solape’s Diary The University of Ibadan Entrance Exam had come and gone. I did my best, only the result would

Winners for the year in review submissions

Hi everyone. Happy 31st December if there is anything like that.  These are the winners of 2017 in review submissions. Last Minute Turnaround What a stormy year – Fistula I came out alive My dream is bigger than my situation   I will contact you guys individually.

2017 in Review: Its a wrap

We have come to the end of our 2017 in review series. Over 80 submissions in three weeks even though most of them were sent in by ladies. I’m sorry if I couldn’t post yours. It’s either the shorthand was beyond editing, it was too short or

2017 was my year and other stories

This time last year, I felt 2016 wasn’t gonna end on a high note for me. Yes, God had blessed me in other ways but the thing I wanted most was still pending as it had for the past 6 years. I had been applying for a

2017: A year I love and hate

As the year slowly fades away I can’t really place where it falls into.I got admission to study in the university at the rather odd age of 25 when most of my high school mates were already working. I ventured into school not because of my love