Beautiful pre-wedding photos: #JAVINOVI2017

The lady and her fiance shot their first set of pre-wedding photos in V.I traffic, the second set were shot with eyo masquerades dancing in the background because the Isoko bride wanted to showcase the African culture to her Spanish husband. Now that’s creative!   The couple,

Is this real? 

The man above will be getting married to the two ladies above tomorrow. Is this husband scarcity thing that bad? If I were living in Isoko I would go to the address to do some eye witnessing.   Jesus do come. Like(0)(0)

Its okay to raise your standards

By Jazmine Denise “The man that you’re holding out for doesn’t exist. You are going to die old, lonely, and bitter!” This is what my ex from over three years ago said spitefully through the phone. “Okay. Thanks for the dating advice!” I calmly replied before ending

“Never underestimate the value of friendships”

This is a review of 29, Single & Nigerian written by  velvetpitch.com I have heard a lot about the book “29, Single and Nigerian” and couldn’t wait to read it. I purchased it from Okadabooks.com and still saw glowing reviews. This reassured me that my investment of 900-Naira

WCW: Laura Ikeji

My WCW has finally released her maternity photos. Looks  like a six and a half month old baby bump. Linda said its exclusive, meanwhile most people knew about it before the traditional marriage even though Laura has been concealing the pregnancy on her Instagram page. I trust

Cow girls, take note

The pastor above has issued a warning to men who allow their women stay on top doing ‘the act’ He said the position is sinful. In his words, “The Lord has made man to be the head, not the woman so those men who enjoy their wives