Happy birthday Oluleye

Dear nsg,I have always wanted to do this but I always postponed it and then I finally decided to do it on my birthday,besides, it took a lot of confidence on my part to send this to you. Please don’t mind my many pictures, I am a

Best photos of President Obama

White House photographer, Pete Souza is estimated to have taken over two million pictures of US President Barack Obama during his time in office. As the President’s tenure ends, take a look back at some of the most striking images Souza has shot over the past eight

How far would you go for retweets?

Over the past weekend, two friends stayed at a hotel for a birthday party. On the first night, the entire birthday crew cooked noodles but no one ended up finishing their noodles. The following night, Taylor, a twitter user who tweets with the handle @TaylorOdore decided to

This church is charging N100,000 for marriage miracle

Is this for real? A banner of one Apostolic Movement Outreach Church in Abuja has been circulating on social media with the ‘prophet’ charging N100,000 for quick marriage. Other services offered which runs into millions of pounds include, -Consultation for presidential aspirants -Prophecies for countries -Winning a

Meet Ladi, the sarcastic sexist

Meet Ladi, a Twitter user with 94k followers.   It all began after Michelle Obama posted this photo with her post birthday message,   What followed next was this interesting reply from Ladi, When Twitter users bashed him, this was his excuse, What is sarcasm? Another apology.