My Horrible Danfo Experience

By Anonymous   I had the most horrible experience of my life yesterday. I was going back home from school today. I took the campus shuttle, I sat at the last row of the bus in between one guy and another man. I was the last person

Actions and consequences

By Stanley Ekezie   Most women cheat to get back at their husbands for serial adultery, lack of affection, lack of financial support, lack of sexual satisfaction or ignorance. There are also other motivations and reasons for cheating, prominent on the list are, material gain, sexual satisfaction and

Shopping online in Nigeria

By Grace   At the time one dollar was equivalent to about 150 to 160, buying items from ASOS, AliExpress and River Island was quite encouraging. Now that a dollar is equivalent to almost 400, one has to even have to think twice and gather liver to

Cheating Series: It’s a wrap

Hi everyone, Thank you for participating in the Cheating Series. This is a new week so we are officially over with this topic. As usual, one person who submitted an entry gets a gift. We will be giving out a small cash gift as we did last

It happened some years ago…

There was this lady that was posted to the company I work in for NYSC, let’s call her D, she is my tribe and pretty, she has a nice body as well. I was in an off and on long distant relationship then but the picture I

Karma is a bitch

I met this amazing and wonderful lady just the year I graduated from the University. She was an innocent sweet sixteen just trying to gain admission and luckily she was admitted that year. I asked her out and for three solid years the relationship was great as

Longthroat made me cheat

I met my boyfriend in 2013 and we started dating.he was a sweet,matured guy and I was a teenager in love.that Christmas,I met “Jenny” she became my best friend.she had her own apartment and a car she got from dating “expatriates” in Lagos.my bf didn’t like my

7up made me cheat – again

My cheat story is long and peculiar, mainly because of what I had to go through to get my crush. When I was in year 2, I had a crush on a pre-science student. She was born again like me, a strong proponent of saying no to