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I need my space in my marriage

From my inbox…   I’ve been married for a year, and I feel like I never would have guessed marriage was as much about sharing as it has been so far. I figured marriage was going to be easy and not much would change, but instead, I’m

One night with my wife for $20,000

From my inbox… Dear NSG, I am a newly married man and unfortunately as a result of the recession i lost my job 3 months after wedding and my wife is yet to secure a job, please permit me to use pidgin in some part of this

Help! I am holy but horny

Unfortunately, our hormones do not care whether we are born again or not. From my inbox… I am a believer and love God with all my heart. I’m 24, female, single, and I get horny! How do I deal with this? I don’t even watch, read or listen

Things went awry after we slept together

From my inbox… I met a nice,charming and handsome guy at a  conference. We clicked immediately and I really wanted us to be just friends. I was not attracted to him at all in the sex type of way  but I enjoyed his company and when he

Church issues and marriage

From my inbox   I have been attending Winners chapel since 2012, although on and off, not as a registered member. Recently, I decided to join a unit because I heard that before I can get married in my parent’s church, I’ll need to present a letter