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Tinder in Lagos

I downloaded and joined Tinder at 1:30pm today, deleted the app at 2:00pm.It seems like a revised version of Badoo and God knows I hate that Badoo app. I still don’t understand what this Tinder is about. . I swiped through user profiles and I was just

Should I Break Free or Remain Caged?

From my inbox.. Hi NSG, Happy new year to you and all the amazing bvs, and may 2018 be the “perfect” year for you and yours. I am presently at a cross road and will appreciate if you can help post this for other bvs opinions and

I always bleed during sex

From my inbox… I am writing to you because I have a problem that has killed my previous relationship and is about killing my present relationship. I always bleed during sex.My ex prescribed a drug for me that worked for a while but stopped working, but I

Do Canopy Walkways Scare You?

I have visited Lekki Conservation Centre thrice and the canopy walkway is usually my favorite part. My most recent visit was last week Monday and I went on the walkway as usual. In awe of nature. ❤️ #LCC #nature #sunlight A post shared by NAIJASUPERGIRL -NSG (@naijasinglegirl)

I am in love with my brother’s girlfriend

By ANON My brother and his girlfriend keep fighting often. He has even confessed to me on cheating on her a couple of times. His girlfriend often turns to me to relate her sob story whenever they have a fight. My brother is five years older to

Do you like okro soup?

The okro soup I cooked last week Thursday is taking an eternity to finish and I have suspended cooking in my house temporarily so that hunger can motivate me to eat it.Been having the okro soup once a day since Saturday and each time I get done

How do I deal with my ex

I need a little advice on something.I recently broke up with my boyfriend over infidelity issues. It is really affecting me and I’m trying to cope with it. Its really hard because I love him. I don’t understand why a man won’t own up after being caught