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On keeping virginity

“Hey NSG! I recently stumbled on your blog and I’ve become hooked, keep up the good work! I’ve had this issue for a while now and I’ve decided to throw it open and seek for advice, here it goes: ”I’ve been dating this guy for awhile now

Birth control pills for married women?

From my inbox…   Pls BVs. I need ur contributions to this. I gave birth to my baby 2months ago. I want to plan my family very well…… I meet my sister inlaw who is already a mother, she advice me neva to get involved in any

Where are the best cities for NYSC?

From my inbox… Hi, NSG. Happy Easter. Hope you’re eating rice and chicken. Lol. I want to ask you for a big favour. I graduated last year and I’m going for service soon but I don’t know which states to choose. Could you maybe do an NYSC

I am gay for the pay

From my inbox “I’m what the Americans describe as gay for the pay. I read the posts of the girls sleeping with their bosses and am not sending this because i need advise but to clarify that women are not alone in making sacrifices for their husbands

Lol. Wetin be this?

“I love sagged b00bs, I mean the falling breast like mango, the one that has completely rested, that is my greatest turn on, because of this reason, i dated older women, and sometimes married women . Most single young girls I meet still have it standing and