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‘I am so confused’

From my inbox… Hi nsg, please i want to be anonymous. I’ve really lead a bad life,thats in the past and I have met Christ, i’m 20,a polytechnic drop out, from a broken home, middle class mom and dad, I didn’t grow up with them,none of them,

I am heartbroken because my boyfriend is AS

I am a girl in her early twenties and have been in just one serious relationship and after two years, I got to know that we have something in common that’s our genotype that is AS….it was really emotional…. cried like mad and got over it… since

No bad friends?

Errmmm…. I haven’t received any entries for this week’s topic, excluding the one I posted on Monday. Turns out all of us have very good friends. Praise the Lord! On the plus side, I get to announce myself as the winner for this week and I get to

Finding the right partner

I found this in the comment section of the poster who said she wants to become a single mother…   “I to cool off in order to attract less attention but then still had to wait for a couples of days after reading this to comment, that

How long is too long in bed?

From my inbox… Hi NSG…first time doing this ever. So I’m just curious about something…I just saw a post on BOM’s page about a guy complaining that his girl gets tired after 25mins, sxx that is. A lot of the comments expressed shock n surprise that 25mins

This annoying habit in banking halls…

By Anonymous   Today at the banking hall (P.S: I hate banking halls,Diamond bank especially,always crowded,sadly I have this copied-assignment kind of relationship with them) well,i had to be there today since I can’t withdraw using mobile banking app and the ATM was acting up as usual. Filled

Forgive me, Uche

From the inbox…   “I did something very wrong to someone I met on the blog although it was not my intention to hurt him in any way, but circumstances above me made me do certain things. He was a friend,not only in need but in deed.