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How do I have a happily married life?

From my inbox… I got married in April to the love of my life. Its a dream come true and everything i have always imagined. Our honeymoon lasted for three weeks in Madrid and we both returned to our base in Abuja. last month.  My hubby sends

What privileges have your looks gotten you?

  Men are generally treated well and with respect by default, regardless of how attractive or unattractive they are. Women who aren’t conventionally attractive aren’t treated with the same respect because a woman’s worth is far too often equated with her attractiveness. Women who are conventionally attractive may be

His silence is killing me

From my inbox…   I’m a girl of 22,just got out of school, I started dating  my boyfriend last year,(known him for years tho) he just got out of service . It all started with a minor issue of security lock on phone, then I thought he

I am so angry with men

From my inbox… I am  tired of bottling this in, I am tired of being so angry and I think sharing my story with you will be some form of therapy for me. Also, I want young girls who read this blog to learn from my experience.

Help me save my relationship

From my inbox….     I have a big issue going on. Since Sunday. I have a gf. She introduced me to your blog. You don’t know me and I also don’t know you. But your blog has always been reasonable to me. That’s why i decided

Can you marry someone you met in one week?

If you’ve known each other ‘online’ for a period of time? A couple who met on Twitter got married a week after meeting for the first time. Khadijah, and her Indian/Egyptian beau, Mohsin started dating after he slid into her DM 2 years ago. They finally met in person

Holy matrimony or not?

Hi Guys, I’ll make this brief and straight forward. I made up my mind to join the choir on Sunday so when Pastor asked the choir to wait after church, I did as well (New comers are always welcomed). While he was addressing us he made a