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Why do most women treat us like babies?

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately, then I read this NSG’s post (NYSC: When I Brought A Man Home) and saw this; “Where did you get that food from?” I asked. He said my neighbours at the mini flat were cooking so they offered

Do these girls have friends at all?

There’s a certain ‘Instagram big boy’ who attends weddings and parties with ladies strap to a dog chain as the new cool and I refuse to throw blames at the guy. How would you as a lady subject yourself to such public ridicule? Were they forced? How

“I want to divorce my wife”

I am adult married to a lady of 35years. We have been married since 2007. God has blessed us with 3 wonderful children( 2 boys and 1 girl). Before we got married, i agreed with my wife that i only want to have 2 kids ( I

How much data do you use in a month?

I feel my data usage is high but I might be wrong. I have been using an average of 500MB cellular data (MTN ) on my mobile phone in a week excluding work WiFi which runs an average of ten hours on a weekday. Last week when