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The love of my life is anti-head

From my inbox…   I am 31, a US based Nigerian  from a stinking rich and maybe influential family but I beg to differ on being spoilt. I have lived in the states in for the past 20 years though my family visit Nigeria every Christmas in

What If We Don’t Like the Same Church?

When a newly married couple walks down the aisle and heads out of church for their honeymoon, one unresolved question often lingers: “Are we going back to the same church after the honeymoon?” If he went to Church A and she went to Church B before the

From my inbox

“I’m 25 years old and I’ve dated but I don’t go all in.  lemme explain: I don’t spend the night at my boyfriend’s house, I don’t cook like a wife,(i cook but I don’t slave for him in the kitchen) i don’t gum body, i don’t stress whoever

Is asking a guy out modern?

I witnessed something a few days ago and I thought to share. I was a friend’s birthday get together with a couple of my girlfriends and we were all sitting waiting for it to start when a guy entered. He’s really cute and a working class and

I am in an abusive relationship

From my inbox… I think i am in an abusive relationship. I met this girl and i am so so fed up with her right now. I mean, how can someone be so callous to call her guy wicked and selfish? People will say love conquers all


From my inbox… Dear NSG,  please help me anonymously post this. I’m a 23 year old girl and I have been dating a guy for about 6 years now and it hasn’t been quite rosy. One year ago, he cheated on me (he has been doing that

How many guys below 25 have a car?

I understand the apartment requirement but car? In this Nigeria? When some 25 year olds are still struggling with final year project. How many 25 year olds reading this have their own house (not self contained please) and at least one car? Like(1)(0)