Black Panther” and me: A Tale of Pathological Apathy!

By Cherryðoc™

Recently, a movie titled ‘Black Panther’ has been trending and receiving massive popularity. Sometimes hype does not translate to reality but that does not seem to be the case here. From the reviews and comments I have seen, it does appear the director did an awesome job. I say a big congrats to the whole Black Panther team. Nice Job!

I have not seen Black Panther, and probably won’t for awhile. To set the records straight, I’m not one of those who wait until a popular movie they want to see comes out on bootleg sites where they download for free sometimes with free Wi-Fi or they look for who has downloaded and collect through Xender, again for free. That’s intellectual theft and a requirement for ‘enemy of progress’ membership. The only exemption I think, is when the fellow doesn’t have the money for real to go see the movie or to download. So they have no option than to wait till they can get it for free. I can’t say I haven’t gotten movies for free via Xender but usually it takes months if not years, and this is not because I do not want to spend money (support the copyright owners hustle) rather it’s basically because I’ve always not been moved by hype, and recently work and time have also been constraining factors. I’d rather go out with ‘the boys’ for a few beers and Isi Ewu, then I go home and sleep it off. So I find myself seeing a movie 8months after the hype has died down. It’s even worse with series.

At a time, my PC & phone had about 15 different series and a 100 movies or more, mostly downloaded with my precious data, but they were simply Matter, occupying invaluable space. I had to do the needful and delete as many as I could. I stopped GOT midway into the second season & haven’t resumed till now even though I had downloaded till season 5 as at early last year.

HTGAWM is still unwatched in my phone even though I downloaded till season 3, I think. This is simply because I don’t get to really do things because they are ‘trending’. As a kid, I didn’t get moved by Christmas clothes, shoes, watches and presents which other kids would die for. New school uniforms every term never caught my fancy, I’d sooner slip into my comfortable old shorts & shirts and saunter off to school, than wear the new one just to look like everyone else. J5 pant was a child’s delight growing up, momsi thought I’d jump upandan with delight and wear it to sleep like every other kid did, 4 months later she gave mine away as I had never worn it. Same happened with my Kito Sandals although I did start to wear that much later.

As an adult, I’m probably the only person who hasn’t done ‘anything different’ on Val’s Day, and that does not mean I’m not romantic. God knows all the girls I have dated can attest to that & I have dated quite a few. I’d rather put on the Generator (if there is no electricity), sprawl my lean mass on the floor with my head propped on a pillow while I see a movie or read a novel (haven’t read one in years) while munching on a loaf of bread. (BTW, if you don’t like bread, you are going straight to hell and we can’t be friends, sorry); all if I’m not working. But next year will be different. God will bless me real good & I will spend Val on those that really need it – Orphans & the less privileged.

I recently just watched parts 6,7 & 8 of Fast & Furious, and this was helped by the actions in the movie and the adrenaline watching them. However, I have not seen or completed the following FAMOUS movies/series:
HTGAWM – Not Completed (Szn 1)
GOT – Not Completed (Szn 2)
POWER – Not Seen
EMPIRE – Not Completed (They lost me when they chose to do force gayism down our throats with their portrayal of it)
WEDDING PARTY 1&2 – Not Seen
….and a host of others which I probably haven’t heard about.
Do I have siblings here? What’s your story? What are those things you haven’t done when they trended?

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