Be The Best Version of Yourself Always

I started my childhood like every other very average family. I can’t remember a time when my dad paid any fees of mine but I can remember all the time my mum had to go out of her way to make us all comfortable in her little way. I went through life without ‘fun’. I have been to the cinema once, I don’t even know what fun is but I know what true hustle is.

The experience and my ever inquisitive mind made me start charting my life course as soon as I became aware of what goals were. I wanted to study Medicine but as much as l loved reading, it didn’t involve academic books so my ‘O’ levels wasn’t all that good. I was admitted to study a science course I didn’t like from the word go for 5 years(although 6 years, thanks to the constitutional authority governor and his friend )but I passed every exams, I made sure I put in my best in every tests and exams.

In 2013, I was fortunate to participate in 1000 girls in ICT organized by the federal government and Huawei technologies. As usual, I tried all I could and made it to the last stage in 2015 when the last 60 did a 3 months internship with Huawei technologies. I interned in the networking department and for the first time, I felt like I could do this. Computers give me thrills but the work was monotonous. I was doing the same thing everyday till I met someone there who introduced me to programming and my life changed.

While serving in 2015, I was always wondering what I will do after service as I was teaching in a school, I knew I wasn’t going to do anything with my course because I just went to school to pass. I took up learning html and css on my own and informed people around me that I was interested in programming. Someone sent a link to djangogirls Lagos to me, I applied but I was placed on waiting list. The day I got the mail that I was in was one of the happiest days for me. I went for the event and came back with a swarming head full of new knowledge. I learnt how to build a blog with python and django. Obviously one day wasn’t enough but I committed myself to it. I completed my blog in a month. Perseverance really mattered. It wasn’t easy but knowing where I want to be, meeting awesome pythonistas and knowing I could be like them kept me going.

Still during service, I wasn’t sure I could get a developer job as I was a total noob and I didn’t study computer science so I started learning tailoring. I attended tech meetups and stayed in touch with people in the tech world because I needed the inspiration I could get.

3 months after service, I was still confused as to what to do when the call came in for me to join a software development company as an intern. I was amazed. My internship ends soon and I have charted paths for myself. I have learnt so much in such a short time and I am truly grateful for all of my teachers.
People who encouraged me through words and actions. People who made me believe that I am a good developer.

My aim is to be the best version of myself every day, I analyze what I have done everyday and see how it aligns with my goals. I am indebted to my mother and I hope to pay her back in folds.

I hope this inspires someone, I hope it serves as a reference to you on your lowest days. If I could be here, why can’t you? Be wise, Be smart and be positive always and always take a

Sorry for the long post, I am not a good writer but I hope this helps someone.

-Anonymous geh

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