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Side Piece Series: It’s a wrap!

You know how we do it. I didn’t receive a lot of entries this week but it doesn’t hid the fact that all our writers were fantastic. Interesting submissions, wonderfully written. As usual, we are going to vote one person. Simply type the article title of your

Single girl, chin up!

By Lauren Moss I didn’t get married young, although I always thought I would. I thought I would go to college, and find a guy, and get married right away… that was my plan. However, it was not my God’s plan. God’s plan was for me to

Who are these cheating men?

All the men I have ever known have never admitted to cheating and I happen to have met a number of men. As a matter of fact I just saw off one.They say stuff like, “I can’t imagine touching a lady I don’t have feelings for.” “I