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I think I fell in love

I was seated at the backseat of a keke napep in transit from Alagomeji Road when the driver applied brake at Sabo Yaba in front of one guy. I peeped out to see what was happening, he peeped in and we locked eyes.My God he was beautiful.

Please don’t ask me how was your night

Usually doctors in the hospital carry out what they call ward rounds where they go from sick bed to bed to check their patients. A common question to their patient is ‘How was your night?’ And then the patient can go on to say he felt pains

Tinder in Lagos

I downloaded and joined Tinder at 1:30pm today, deleted the app at 2:00pm.It seems like a revised version of Badoo and God knows I hate that Badoo app. I still don’t understand what this Tinder is about. . I swiped through user profiles and I was just

Update on my house

I inquired the cost of my outrageous house bills from a reader who lives on my street. She told me as at last year, LAWMA charges N1500 for their compound and estate security was N3k monthly.I took my findings to my male neighbor and asked if he

“After all I have done for you”

My brother helping me fix the rest of my light bulbs I purchased in advance since last year. I’m lying on the bed staring at the house and the only thing on my mind is, “After all I have done for you.”Just like small boys tell their

I have been asked to leave The Batya

I was sitting peacefully in my house when my landlord’s child brought a shit of paper of paper containing a cost breakdown of ‘service charges’ for this year to bepaid quarterly. These charges include estate security, dustbin and compound cleaning at N22k monthly which totaled at 264k

Lagos to Ghana By Road: Cost Breakdown

  My travel itinerary was 8 days long, 24 major activities, with night stays in 4 locations – Lome, Accra, Krokobite and Cape Coast. I exchanged N600 for 1,000 CFA and N1,000 for 12 Cedis, 60 pesawas but I’ll do my cost breakdown in Naira to make