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On relationship requests 

Hi everyone, I have been receiving a number of matchmaking requests which I have made public this week. Notice I have been posting one daily. I have been considering making this a daily routine since the relationship market is experiencing a disequilibrium in demand and supply. Do

She snatched my boyfriend

  By Anonymous   “I met this friend of mine let me call her j during registration in school, we became best of friends, she comes to my house for weekends and I do same. We tell each other our deepest secrets and I trusted her with

14 things about me that makes me feel dumb

1 I never knew countries like the US and UK are malaria free. It was until my UK based friend complained of headache and I stupidly insisted he treats malaria. 2 I still don’t know how to use cutlery properly. This is why I don’t order chicken

My career story

I excelled in my course of study but it wasn’t until post NYSC I was convinced it wasn’t for me. I was afraid because I was considering quitting a field I had invested 5 years of my life and a bulk of my NYSC allowance to get

Tips and tricks to write great papers

Turn yourself into successful writer with help of useful pieces of advice provided by experienced and skilled writers from a well-known custom writing service. Become an Expert in Writing Sitting and staring at blank sheet of paper with a pen in hand won’t make you a brilliant