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Sometimes a girl just wants to live

Someone I don’t know from Adams took a video of me dancing wildly in the club. He brought a camera close and told me to say something and I remember expressing in a gibberish manner how much fun I was having that night. I was tipsy too,

Like a bird without wings

Today was officially my most boring day since the start of this year. I had power, internet, and food but the sort of loneliness I felt is comparable to a baby abandoned in the middle of a desert. I’m having a very strong urge to relocate and

Ways to Improve Your Skin’s Appearance

Your skin endures a lot of abuse from your lifestyle, injuries, body changes and continuous exposure to the elements.  If you’re like many you may have imperfections such as scars, stretch marks, age spots, cellulite and other blemishes on the skin. If you want to reduce the

Cohabitation with the opposite sex

I woke up very late today. I had woken up to take a shower by 3am and I couldn’t get myself to sleep until 5:30am. It was then I started dreaming. In this dream, I found myself in a wedding reception. It was time to share food

Cakes and junk

I noticed I now have a pot belly. Its round and pointed like I swallowed a coconut. It’s probably a result of biscuit-bread-coke I substituted proper food for in the past one week. I haven’t had appetite to eat because it feels like the only food in

Photo of the day

If this is the new trend, I hope it phases out before I am proposed to in Jesus Name. Worst case scenerio both of us will be on our knees. 😃😃😃 Proud man! Like(6)(0)