Annoying Uber Drivers

The uber driver I used yesterday. My God!
1. He didn’t really know how Uber works from the moment I called him after requesting the trip. I wonder if that was his first trip or he was filling in for someone.
2. His AC wasn’t working and he kept that info from me until we started the trip. Then he started telling tales of how it spoilt at Iyana Ipaja yesterday afternoon and his mechanic at Dopemu is not around to fix it because his mechanic’s wife gave birth. 
3 He didn’t know the way. After we got off Eko Bridge, he ascended the other bridge as if he was going towards Ikoyi Axis. When he realized his mistake, he hit the brakes and began reversing on the bridge putting my life and pocket at risk.
4 When we got to CMS, he would put his head occasionally out of the window to hail random touts with the slogan. ‘BADTTTTT BOUYYY.’
5 He never stopped talking. It was so bad that I had to ask him to put on the radio and usually i hate listening to radios. When the radio was on, he and the OAP were competing.
6 His mode of communication was undiluted pidgin.
7 We got to Federal Palace and he just kept speeding to Ajah. I didn’t say anything. I just kept watching him with hands akimbo. I didn’t care that my money was reading. After he had gone a considerable distance, I asked him where we are going. He said, “Federal Palace.” I asked if he knows it. He said yes. I asked if be was aware we passed the hotel since.

He said. “Oh sorry. I no no.” His excuse was he usually doesn’t speed but he did so because he wanted me to get to my destination soon and I should be the one thanking him.

That was the point I lashed out on him. He apologized and I told him not to worry, I was going to give him a one star as payback. He said, “Abeg ma. Please I beg you.”

I told him it was fine. I won’t. I was tired. 

He thanked me for ‘understanding’

My fare was N1,217. It was a cash trip and the least note I had in my bag was N200.

I gave him a thousand naira note and two notes of two hundred naira. He collected N1,200 for me and told me to keep the change as my compensation.

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