“After all I have done for you”

My brother helping me fix the rest of my light bulbs I purchased in advance since last year. I’m lying on the bed staring at the house and the only thing on my mind is, “After all I have done for you.”Just like small boys tell their girlfriends when the relationship is over.

Okay, jokes aside.

If you have been following me since last year you’d know this house was a hot mess before i moved in.


I had to install a wash basin in the toilet that was never there, install a new WC, fix new pipes, fix the kitchen sink, spray the doors and wardrobe, fix a shower head, paint the walls and ceilings and fix the bad doors. All these non budgeted things were the reason I was flat broke when I eventually moved in. I could have managed and looked at the place as temporary, cos God forbids I am cramped in this tiny place for more than two years but I decided to treat the property like I would treat mine at the luck of the next tenant.


The owner was complaining about how terrible the former tenant was, how she regrets taking her in and how she destroyed things in anger before leaving, and taking out things as simple as wall sockets.


How would a reasonable person not want to do the same when my current situation becomes the person’s fate? The tenant did not wake up one morning and decide to be a pain in the ass. This must have happened too.

I have tried my best to be a role model tenant in someone’s property with zero problems. From respect, cleanliness, noise, late nights or strange guests. 

There’s a crazy part of me they are provoking and I hope it remains 6ft deep at the spot I left it.

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