Accra to Lagos with ABC Transport 

Recall my journey from Lagos to Lome via ABC Transport was smooth so I didn’t hesitate to book a return ticket with them.Time slated for departure on their ticket was 6am, 5am Ghanaian Time if I am correct.

I couldn’t afford to miss the vehicle so I was already at their park at 4:50am. I exchanged my online voucher for the actual ticket only for the attendant to announce the first shocker. 

“My dear the bus won’t leave till 10am.”

“Why?” I asked.

“The one that was bringing passengers from Lagos yesterday broke down so you people’s own went to rescue them.”

I was numb.

There was nothing yelling could do for me so I just went to sit by one corner to join the wait.

5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am,12pm.

12:10pm I watched the bus crawl in slow motion from the highway. I felt pity for passengers in the vehicle not knowing a similar fate awaited me.

It took an hour and ten minutes to ready the vehicle and by 01:30pm, we were set to leave Ghana for a destination three countries away. Wonderful.


We didn’t arrive the Ghana_Togo Border until 6:25PM

“There will be an hour wait after crossing the border.” The bus attendant announced. 

I thought it was the usual immigration protocols but we left the border in ten minutes to the main town of Lome where ABC’s branch office was situated. Cargos were loaded and offloaded while loud arguments went on between the traders and ABC’s people. 

9PM we were still in that spot! These people didn’t even act like they were heading for Nigeria. Passengers were expressing regrets, swearing, cursing, threatening never to use ABC again.


9:10pm we were back on the road. There were two random stops in Lome with no explanation that took thirty minutes before we finally arrived the Togo/Benin Border around 2:10am. I was so tired that I literally sleep walked while crossing the border.

We were back on the road in thirty minutes time. Another 30 minutes stop at the park in Cotonou, one hour stop at Seme Border, eight to ten stops at ‘Police checkups’ in Nigeria and at 5:45am Nigerian Time, our vehicle crawled into ABC’s park at Festac.

24 hours journey! It felt longer for someone that doesn’t sleep while on transit. I was looking like a refugee when I got out. 

Good to be back home safely but I am exhausted.

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