Naijasinglegirl is a satirist, lifestyle blogger, brand storyteller and content creator based in Nigeria.
She is on a quest to find a good man, a good job, good food, good money and all other good things life has to offer.
This website is mostly Naijasinglegirl’s documented experience during this chase.
Rather than weep over her single status, she chooses to laugh about it here, I hope you do, too. She also published her debut novel in 2016 called 29, Single & Nigerian. as a website features reviews of products and services, articles, opinion pieces and pop culture.

Awards won by Naijasinglegirl brand include,

Nominee of Nigerian Blog of the Year, 2014.
Winner of best Nigerian humour blog, 2014.
Winner of best Nigerian lifestyle blog, 2014.

Best selling author on Okadabooks, 2016


P.S: All photos used in this blog are stolen from Google unless stated otherwise.

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