Gullibility Quotient

By World’s Brightest Recently I saw a video from one of these African countries where a minister in an over sized, faded coat purportedly making a phone call to God. Yeah? As if that was not incredible enough, God was actually responding. Unbelievable right? Humour me! What

Big Big Big Men

Why is that when a guy meets a new girl he has a romantic interest in, he always finds a way to bring his sexual prowess into a discussion even when the topic is completely uncalled for? You be having a conversation with him about jollof rice

Lessons From Marrying From A Rich Family

Source They say events come at you either as blessings or lessons. My marriage has been half of both. I married from a relatively richer family, and I must add that the fact that my wife came from a wealthy family, had absolutely no influence on my

How I almost got Valled

By Yewande   This is the story of how i almost got valled.. (as we called it) but my enemies were just at work.. Before i start my story, let me give some context.. I a tomboy in secondary school. Boys were not queuing to toast me

Anthony asked Nkem to be his wife

So Anthony  sent me a mail a few days earlier saying he was going to pop the big question to Nkem on Valentine’s Day. He even invited me to come witness their engagement yesterday but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. To the Glory of God everything worked

How did your Valentine go?

It was amazing. Too amazing for someone who is not even in a relationship. Asides the fun I had with Mr Purple (check my Instagram Page), every other thing went well. My Valentine started on the 13th night when Coldstone sent me a heart shaped Ice Cream

Worst Valentine Ever!

By Anonymous Valentine’s Day last year was a joke wallahi ,OK. Valentine was fast approaching, no boo in sight, mhen I was like mba I will not be alone. I was indeed single to stupor. I met this basic dude on my way to work. Dude struck

My first time at a Nigerian brothel

By Anonymous So I was horny,as I had been for the past 1 month, I haven’t seen my girlfriend since last year. Long distance sucks and I promised to be faithful. I had held on for like forever dunno what happened but I have been horny like

What is your brand’s claim to fame?

A reader drew my attention to a young photographer’s business account who was making suicide threats on his Insta Stories on Thursday. He wrote depressing stuff like, “Death has come for me. I am sorry for doing this. Time to leave this world behind. I am just