Meanwhile, facebook relationship is goals

So a girl on Facebook who goes by the name, Teddy, prayed all night with her boyfriend in a towel and uploaded a video the morning after for our viewing pleasure.     See video below… Video came with the caption, “Good morning 😍😍 Boo made my

Beauty of the day

I have been wanting to make this man my MCM but after taking lots of screenshot from his snapchat (Sidenote: His snapchat is the most interesting place on the internet ), my phone went blind a few weeks back. Totally forgot about him until I saw his

This Japaneese man relationship is goals

Senji first used the doll for sexual purposes. However, after she helped to fill Senji’s lonely evenings he began to develop stronger feelings towards the doll in a few months, and started having a ‘relationship’ with it.  The couple now share a bed and Senji even bathes his

AS + AS Genotype Heartbreak

Heart break is a terrible feeling,its like your heart is been ripped out in several directions. Nothing  prepares you for that emotional pain. Tears flow uncontrollable, you tell yourself “babe stop crying” but your eyes doesn’t listen to your mouth, your heart takes full control of your