Life beyond and after

By Adeola Adenekan Bisi! Bisi!! Bisi!!! How many times did I call you? When are you getting married? I want to buy Asoebi oooo and invite all my friends. (rolling your eyes like you didn’t hear the first time). This sentence is a cliché (especially when your

Where is my bra?

I know this sounds like a title of an Asaba movie but please hear me out because I am genuinely worried. My brother and I have not been speaking to each other for more than a week after we had a fight on my bra.  I forgot

My conscience wants to kill me

I went to pick up a few items at Shoprite. In the kitchen appliances area I ran into two handicapped guys shopping too. Both were walking with the aid of double crutches and their disability made them significantly shorter than me, who is considered an considered an

Gullibility Quotient

By World’s Brightest Recently I saw a video from one of these African countries where a minister in an over sized, faded coat purportedly making a phone call to God. Yeah? As if that was not incredible enough, God was actually responding. Unbelievable right? Humour me! What

Big Big Big Men

Why is that when a guy meets a new girl he has a romantic interest in, he always finds a way to bring his sexual prowess into a discussion even when the topic is completely uncalled for? You be having a conversation with him about jollof rice

Lessons From Marrying From A Rich Family

Source They say events come at you either as blessings or lessons. My marriage has been half of both. I married from a relatively richer family, and I must add that the fact that my wife came from a wealthy family, had absolutely no influence on my

How I almost got Valled

By Yewande   This is the story of how i almost got valled.. (as we called it) but my enemies were just at work.. Before i start my story, let me give some context.. I a tomboy in secondary school. Boys were not queuing to toast me

Anthony asked Nkem to be his wife

So Anthony  sent me a mail a few days earlier saying he was going to pop the big question to Nkem on Valentine’s Day. He even invited me to come witness their engagement yesterday but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. To the Glory of God everything worked

How did your Valentine go?

It was amazing. Too amazing for someone who is not even in a relationship. Asides the fun I had with Mr Purple (check my Instagram Page), every other thing went well. My Valentine started on the 13th night when Coldstone sent me a heart shaped Ice Cream