I took a low paying job that got me arrested

I Couldn’t get a decent job after school and youth service, stayed home for a year whilst attending tests and interviews at different organizations. I didn’t get a favorable response for long. By the end of the first year after service I had expended all my savings,

Please contact me if you won the book

If you won a copy during the #29SNGiveaway please contact me (If you haven’t) preferably by email before the end of today. My email address is naijasinglegirl@ gmail. Com Just use the title ’29SNWinner’ and write your delivery details in the body of the email. (Name, IG

Foodtrolley to the rescue

  So last Saturday, I had a bad hair weekend and I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere due to the unusual traffic we have been experiencing Lagos. I needed to stock my kitchen/fridge so I could enjoy my timeout in my ‘roomhouse’ and foodtrolley.com is a

I sold zobo, catfish, fruitsalad…

Well I have always had this hustling spirit so I cant really say am embarrassed about the things I have done for money I have always loved the idea of earning my own money; so while in uni I did a practical course which was making coconut

There is dignity in labour

This is just to encourage someone out there. There os dignity in labour. I gained admission into O.A.U in 2008 through diploma and as a child from a polygamous home my dad said I should wait my turn for jamb admission, after sitting at home for three

Money for hand, back for ground

I was in 300 level. I had this friend who was just that , a friend. We hung out whenever he was in town and that is how I met some of his friends. One fateful evening, I got a call from one of the guys (apparently

We sold pure water

Kai, gaskiya this series won’t be completely complete without me sending in my story. As some of you already know, my dad is a university don (retired now though) and if you’re 29, single and Nigerian, you were lived through the Abatcha regime. NSGs things were TOUGH

I worked as an office cleaner for a day

I’m serving presently, due to finish by November but the thoughts of going back home after NYSC with nothing to do scares me like hell. So last month, I printed out my CV and set out on my job search. I got a call some days later