Deeper Life wedding photos

Couple Bride Bridesmaid Bridesmaid I have attended a Deeper Life Wedding before. I had to cover my hair, the bride had no bridesmaid, the groom had a bestman though, the bride wore white flat shoes, the pastor preached for almost two hours and no musical instruments.  It

Re: Novel giveaway (CLOSED)

I announced that a reader from PH was giving away a copy each of 29SN to two readers based in Port Harcourt. I dropped her email and rather than mail her directly, people mailed me and this has led to a confusion. The books will be shipped

How to meet a husband in Uber

I just heard rumours that some girls have been quietly meeting their husbands in Uber and they have refused to make this information public so desperate single girls don’t ruin the system. In fact, one of my friends have marked Uber as her number one place to

A woman carries condom about, a lady doesn’t

Someone sent me a link of this post, as a follow-up of the question I raised the other day. Its quite long but very interesting. Read on…   Contrary to popular belief, there are gender roles in life. Due to the “times changing”, and women gaining more

Where is home?

I was born in Maiduguri, I speak hausa, a bit of kanuri, a sprinkle of my native dialect and loads of(queen’s) English. A phenomenon though worrisome but quite common among kids in my age group. After graduation, life seemed bleak. I discovered that my BMLS degree was

Ultimate cycler has crashed?

Social media users have been circulating panic tweets saying Ultimate Cycler, one of the popular Ponzi Schemes promising 300% returns on investment crashed yesterday at 10:30am.   Pls join ultimate cycler. Pls join ultimate cycler. I have joined. I have paid. Ultimate Cycler site is currently down.