I have too many addictions

I think I just might be the queen of addictions. I wouldn’t be able to remember it all but you can make do with these. When I was younger, I was addicted to chalk and frost from the freezer. I also chew polythene occasionally. The next set

My neighbor won…

So I have been feeling lonely and my compound feels like one deserted graveyard. Power has been epileptic for the past three days and each time I go to my neighbor’s house to ask if she’s going to turn on her gen, her door is usually locked..

I was addicted to phone s*x

Sometimes, I just lay back and reminisce some old fashioned behavior and traits in me while growing; physically, mentally and otherwise. And it often times, gladdens me that I was able to experiment a whole lot; even in my naivety, I would claim to have done a

I have slept with over 130 guys

My addiction is what I consider normal because I don’t see it as an addiction but I want to contribute because I am loving this topic. I am a sex freak right from the first day I tasted the forbidden apple. I remember clearly when it happened

I eat a packet of chalk in 3 days

These two submissions are too short so I decided to group them together. Both were submitted anonymously. I eat a packet of chalk in 3 days Anyway, as regards Pica mine is chalk. Blackboard chalk!!! Or Calabar (that white clayey thing they sell in the market) or

Scent leaves sauce recipe

I promise to post the recipe for the scent leaves sauce. Here goes. I’m not very good at writing recipes so please let me know if you have any questions in the comment box. This dish is very nice and its easy to make. I have ripe

A rant about the elusive female orgasm

Growing up, I was a slave to romance novels, particularly the steamy kinds. I devoured magazines and other material on sex. Movies like Original Sin did not help. I kind of developed this fantasy about sex, how it should feel and what not. A kiss to lips

I watched like 2000 porn videos

I came across this addiction series and I thought since I have overcome one why not share my story maybe It would help someone, because I strongly believe that if you started the addiction only you can break it. Growing up as a kid in Lagos with

One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Ponmo

Isn’t it amazing how the one characteristic of Okra Soup that helps it send down those balls of semo, akpu, eba or pounded yam, is the same feature that makes lots of people detest the soup? I remember in my early years of preparing Nigerian food, if