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I would have loved to go for Afropolitan Vibes but I don’t think its safe to stay out late to somewhere I have never been, especially when I am alone and there’s weed and all that stuff. Last week I attended someone’s in-house karaoke and I have

Single women have suffered sha

The other day it was Tekno saying all men cheat and that is never going to change. Today, singer, 9ice, has made it clear that he encourages polygamy. He stated in a recent chat on EbonyliveTV that he his bothered about the amount of women that will

Why married women cut off their single friends

Studies and Psychometrics have shown that some or most married women cut off their single friends. This trend in behavior amongst mostly female newlyweds has ended long term friendships, caused envy, strained childhood relationships. 🔃Hypothesis: Should married women have only married friends? Some married women who have

I don’t miss Kim K sha

I left the mall very late yesterday where I saw the movie ‘Inferno”, a mystery/action movie. Comedies are usually my thing when I go to the cinema alone but a friend had suggested I see Inferno which turned out to be great by the way. Speaking of

This couple pre-wedding photos are so beautiful!

Mildred and Jefferson‘s love chemistry is so apparent they couldn’t be more excited as they are about to wed this December, 2016. As this beautiful couple prepare to exchange marital vows, here are their lovely pre-wedding photos mixed with a blend of the village setting and a

Can you wash your partner’s underwear?

Underwear is important. It is like an envelope for your genitals, the last article of clothing to desert you. People always claim there’s no limit to how far they can go or the things they can do when they are in love. Let us not forget the widely

The scary truth about human hair

At Yadagirigutta Temple in southern India, poor women wait patiently in line for their heads to be shaved. Most have never coloured, blow-dried or even cut their locks, and this so-called ‘virgin hair’ is particularly prized by the barbers, who will take just five minutes to cut

WCW: Olajumoke

  Our WCW needs no introduction. I have been on her case from day1 and I took a break because she went lowkey. It appears she’s back on the news Co-Hosting events, walking the red carpet, featuring in photoshoots, getting makeovers and spotting other hawkers. I guess it’s

Is there anything wrong with this video?

I’m not against breast feeding in public but recording a video and posting it on a public account on the internet is just … Nigerian musician, Don Efere, posted a video a of his wife breastfeeding their 3-month old  baby on Instagram. While others think it is