why you should watch Telemundo

Telemundo is a television channel that showcases telenovela series. If you stay in a house dominated by the ladies, chances are, you are very much familiar with it. It has found a way to kidnap the attentions of ladies from African magic. I never really liked that

22 hidden signs of a gay Nigerian man

Gone are the days when the term ‘gay’ was used to connote happiness. Nowadays, only one definition comes to our mind when the word gay is mentioned. Statistics say 1 in every 10 men are gay. What if I told you that male gossip partner of yours

Too much exposure or nah?

The heavily pregnant corp member in the video below is being slammed on Instagram for participating in Kcee’s dance competition currently taking place on Instagram. See video & judge for yourself… Do you think she should have participated? Some Instagram users didn’t find it funny.   The

Throwing a Nigerian wedding with N40,000

As seen on Twitter, specially written for laddies and gentlemen who want to throw a wedding with the cost equivalent of an Infinix Hot S. If you recall, I made a post similar to this last year. Please bear with me for not updating frequently. The past few

Everything you need to know about a woman

Did you open up this article to find out how to understand women? Well, sorry to burst your bubble of hope and excitement, but your chances are about as good as winning the lottery and getting struck by lighting…at the same time. Women are complex, beautiful creatures,

How dangerous is Ovarian Cyst?

From a popular BV… I really need your readers view on a health issue am facing.please keep me anonymous I noticed a pain on my lower abdomen early this morning so I felt twas cos I have been holding my pee althrough the night..after some hours the