“Marriage is not an achievement”

Laura Ikeji-Kanu has gotten a lot of people talking with her recent outburst on social media. She said, “To some women, marriage is an achievement, to me Laura, it isn’t. Life isn’t that serious. I wanna achieve so much in my life, to be a Nigerian Zara,

The wedding party is not overhyped

I finally saw the wedding party and believe me when I say the hype about this movie is worth it. I would have posted a comprehensive review but I feel its no longer necessary as everyone I know has seen this movie. Regardless, the cinema hall was

Is anything wrong with this photo?

In the photo above which was shared by a nursing mum on social media, a man appears to be drinking his share of the b-milk from his wife while the baby patiently waits for his turn. I thought men are supposed to stay away from their wife b00bs

Beauty of the day: Uche Mba

Uche Mba is a Nigerian fitness model, nursing student, personal trainer and entrepreneur that lives in the United States.  The lady who is also a student and a fitness enthusiast says her fit body is as a result  of good exercise and diet. All she does is