Shopping on Fashionmia from Nigeria

Last year, I placed an order for dresses on fashionmia because I had about 150 dollars stuck in a paypal account that couldn’t be withdrawn or transferred. This was my first time of shopping from them after seeing their Google ads online. One has to spend at

I spent almost 120k for an abortion

I was deflowered at 17. I was in love with boy and he wanted to do. I imagined we would be together forever and all that crap. Few weeks later, he dumped my naive ass. I then met another guy, who was like 7/8 years older than

Take it easy on me

I met up with a lady online at a restaurant and on our way out of the building, she asked where I parked. I Did Not Answer. Someone cannot even own a leggidis benz in peace again. These days when I meeting people for the first time,

Choose your compromise wisely in marriage

A wife means a ‘COMPROMISE’.Irrespective of emerging ideologies with the claim to better humanity,nature defined some rhythms that gives us the right perspective.Rai se an eagle like a chicken and one day it will take sudden flight when it discovers itself. A man is wired to be

I thought I was pregnant 

Getting pregnant outside wedlock is one of my biggest fears. What makes the thought more frightening is having to bear it alone or the pregnancy happening at a time when I am financially incapable of being a mother. This is my second reason for riding on the

Getting ready to take Zanzibar

I was considering doing a full facebeat on the day of my departure but my friend (Who has never been on a plane) is advising against that. She said she heard people travelling abroad don’t wear makeup on flights. But wait, if Bobrisky who is a malegirl

All that chocolate beauty 

I started my day with this chocolate beauty from @CakesWalkInTall. It came in last night but I saved it for a Sunday afternoon treat even though I ended up scrapping the toppings (The chocolate candy and cherries) at 3am last night. He said he wanted to write

Who else wants to win cash here?

Hi everyone, I’ll be introducing a new segment on this blog starting from Monday. Every Mondays, I’ll post an article about me or give pointers to a certain topic and I’ll ask readers to send in their contributions to my email based on the issue raised which

Happy children’s day

Technically I am still a child since I don’t have husband. It sucks that I can’t go to the stadium for march practice.  Growing up was a trap indeed. I miss playing with sand. I miss climbing trees. I miss the old disney channel. I miss going

Meet the woman who married a train station

Carol identifies herself as an objectum sexual – a person who is sexually attracted to inanimate objects and structures. She did not discover there was a name for her kind of attraction until she searched online, typing the search words; “I am in love with a building.”