2017: What a year!

2017 has been a year that has left me with mixed feelings; there has been the good times and the bad times. Mostly bad times though because I can still feel them on my tongue and I count the good times as puerile victory. You see, my

2017: A year that can only get better

2017 has been a blessed year first off I lost money in all those schemes that were everywhere like plenty money, then, I didn’t get admission to a school I applied for a post graduate course just because someone decided not to submit my reference letter before

2017: I am grateful

I am grateful. I am older, wiser and a better person. Year 2017 started out quiet. I had a place to stay, I was an independent hardworking lady. For the first time, I had just enough to eat. Enter Feb., I made my first N1m. My heart

2017: E Go Better

I have never been a fan of reviews. Never written a review, never “penned” down how my year went just because I never had the balls to write one. I was scared of seeing and realizing my mistakes, failures and losses. I know you are wondering why

I’m going home

I was speaking to my mom on phone when she asked how I am preparing for Christmas. I told her I am doing fine.She said she remembers those days when all of us use to be together for Christmas. Not now we are all scattered due to

2017: Rollercoaster Fun Year

My year came to a start with a promotion in the office. To say I expected it is a fact and I guess grace has always been sufficient for me to get what I think I deserve and work for. So I lost my dad over a

2017: They year I finally grew up

In 2017 I clocked 28years and I still cannot understand how I became so old so early. For me life has always been black and white, I make plans, try them out and if it doesn’t work I make other plans… but for 2017, I found out

2017: I loved and lost

I’d like to start with a quote that I recently came across and has been making me sleep better at night, (lol just kidding, I sleep well all day, everyday). It says – “Don’t be afraid of wanting money. Money will give you the power to do

2017: I came out alive

This might be a slightly long read but it’s a post I promised God that I would make if I made it out of tge Emergency ward. 2017 started off on a great note. My best friend pushed me to be the best version of myself, I