Interesting tweets on what constitutes rape

Cases of rape have dominated news in recent weeks. But how much do you know about what constitutes consent and rape? Enter @TheLoulette, who fired off a series of tweets this afternoon in an attempt to clear up the alleged confusion. Men rape. Women rape. If you

Word of advice for the ladies

A young girl on Facebook, Ebiminor Preye, who fixes P.O.P for a living shared this word of advice to ladies out there. I hope this helps someone. “I want to address some ladies. I know I don’t have a bunch on my list, but if you are

Your thing is small

Slow news day? Well I have been busy all day on an application I found online. The form took me 5 hours to fill. The job itself and the benefits it comes with are so awesome that I don’t mind giving up every side hustle to work

How do I let go of my married lover?

From my inbox…   Hey NSG…im in some corny situation and because I’m not the type to discuss issues like this with my friends… I’ll rather tell it to someone who doesnt know me…maybe you ld put this up on your blog so I can get advices?

I wonder who would have inherited the blog

My friend said the news would have read “Unpopular Nigerian blogger, NSG, electrocuted (See shocking photos)” And it would have pained me to wake up from a coma to see very unflattering images of me along with the news in what would have turned out to be