Do you share water bottles?

I have a thing against sharing water bottles. I can make exemptions for close friends but that’s where it ends if I am not ready to sacrifice my bottle and if it’s not an emergency. The way I see it is if I can’t imagine kissing anyone

These Yaba boys…

I went to Yaba market to buy food items this evening. I was also looking at getting my kitchen knife sharpened so I wrapped the metal area with paper and placed it inside a polythene bag.On getting to the market I remembered how much of a nuisance

Pim pim pim

I was walking along a quiet street this afternoon when I passed by a parked BMW. I can’t remember if the car had earlier drove past me or if it had been there for a while but I peeped in and there was this goodlooking guy in

Re: Sexuality Struggles

By Cherrydoc I would like to take a minute to reply the poster who sometimes ago talked about her recent attraction to someone of same gender, despite considering herself ‘straight’; and also share my views on the very burning issue of sexuality and sexual dispositions. You are

Unnecessary street harassment 

An hour ago I was walking home after buying fruits and I heard one of these roadside touts hail me “baby” from where he was seated. A short guy.  He was seated with three other guys. I just kept moving without turning to stare. As though his companions

Sexual Orientation – Responses

These are the responses to our topic for this week. Two of them. It’s relieving to know everyone is okay. I have been there I read the post about the lady who is suddenly attracted to ladies and I can relate. I have been there. I attended

Who else was a victim of this?

It is called enema. I call it the dildo for shitting.  Nigerian mothers usually give it to their toddlers to encourage them to shit even when they have no constipation problem. Wickedness!  In some houses it is the solution for every sickness.  The pump is usually filled

I have problems with everything sexual related

BY ANONMAN What I have as a sexually related issue is as funny as it is confusing and painful,I have problems with anything sexually related. Let me explain. If I read an erotically charged writeup,or hear people moan due to sexual pleasure without even seeing them or

My ex fiance and his family scammed me

BY ANONYMOUS Let’s call him Paul. I met Paul a few years ago at a colleague’s house warming party. I had just gotten a new job at one of the central bank branches in Nigeria through the connection of one of my big politician uncle. He was