Should you hire models for your bridal train

No thanks to social media, most people want to throw the sort of wedding that Bella Naija would report, “All the photos from Damilola & Austin Exotic wedding in Dubai” And Linda would report, “Choi! See all the dollar bills this couple sprayed at their wedding ceremony”

Being light-skinned in Nigeria

  I just read a post on a blog and she  was talking about how light skinned girls get all the attention,the preferential treatment and privileges .I could swear she was waging war on light skinned girls , most of the comments were even more hateful than

The evils of being single

I love my freedom! Ain’t nobody tell me what to do! I come and go as I please! Blah, blah, blah. Yea I value my freedom but many times I am faced with my reality. Reality 1. All your Aunts’ and Uncles are partnering with your parents

Forever funny!

How would you wake up one morning and begin a project to meet all your Facebook friends? That is exactly what one Gaius Chibueze on Facebook is doing. He has swore to meet all his 5000 Facebook friends. The dead, alive, male, female, young and old. He has