He was my side piece

so, I’ve been in a relationship for 3years. He was my first, and we’ve been through all together and he adores me. Then I met this guy. It was a case of boy sees girl, boy likes girl, boy collects girl number. I had no friend, an

Still in search for power 

This morning I woke up to no water supply. This has never happened in my house. I had to shower with sachet water and two bottles of table water.Then I quickly packed my stuff and thought of where to take shelter in Lagos until PHCN returns to

How to make homemade yoghurt parfait

I wanted to do a video but my video editor is acting up so I guess text will do. Ingredients  – Sweetened Yoghurt from @farmfreshidl (N1,100) Granolas from @orasbowl on IG (Starting from N700) – 7 Dates nuts or almonds (N100) Two slices of Coconut (N100) Apple

I definitely didn’t deserve this

I met this guy when I was still a smallie,I was in my 200level in the university and we were neighbors.When he asked me out,I consistently said NO because I felt he was too matured for me.I was still a virgin then and so naive and I

I was dickmatized & mumufied!

Yes! That’s the best phrase to describe what was wrong with me. I met this guy at my church. My friend Dee, actually introduced us. He was cool; a lawyer like me. So we kinda hit it off from the very beginning. While everybody was dancing and

PHCN broke my heart

  Tragedy struck when I returned to The Batya this evening…I am heartbroken. A post shared by NSG (@naijasinglegirl) on Oct 17, 2017 at 12:54pm PDT     I’m too heartbroken to blog. I cut my vacation in Ajah short today only to behold this in my

Please do you have jobs for him?

I’m usually wary of mails like this one but my instinct told me to make an exception for this one. Please if you have any job offer for him do no hesitate to reach out. God bless. His email, ‘Hi NSG, i hope you are well? i’m

Side piece?

I haven’t received any side chic or side man submissions.  Now I am wondering who are those people that keep flooding my mailbox with heartbreak stories when they discovered they were not their boo’s boo. 👀 Thank God! It’s a relieve to know none of the ladies

Happy birthday Amaka

Hi NSG! It’s my Birthday! I previously drafted a very sad birthday post in my journal (I still keep journals lol), cause that’s the way I’ve been feeling lately, but then it felt like I was being ungrateful. Anyways in order to stay positive I decided to

Life in Ajah

The sun was out too early today, a reminder that Ajah is thirty minutes ahead of Nigeria and I am in a new time zone. Like play like play I have travelled out again.😂😂😂 I wasn’t able to sleep very well last night though. It usually happens